Jenny B. and Mr. Orellana

Galesburg CUSD #205 is fortunate to have students and teachers setting and achieving goals every single day. Classrooms with the highest levels of growth on their recent diagnostic assessments from fall to winter were recently visited and highlighted. These students were celebrated for their growth and encouraged to keep giving their best effort. 

All K-12 students should have brought results home from their diagnostic assessments. Please look at your child’s report and celebrate places where growth is happening. This is a great opportunity to set goals with your student for the second half of the year.  Working together we can ensure that each student has the support they need to succeed. 

Classrooms were celebrated who achieved the following growth based on grade levels. 

K-1- aimwebPlus (Percentage who moved to Tier I and out of Tier III over 75%)

2-6-iReady for reading and math (Over 75% of the class met growth goal)

7-8-iReady math (Over 75% of the class met growth goal)

5-8- NWEA science (Over 75% of the class met growth goal)

7-8- NWEA reading (Over 75% of the class met growth goal)

9-12 NWEA reading and math (Over 75% of the class met growth goal)

Congratulations to the following classes!


Mrs. Bruns- Reading and Math

Ms. Cooper- Reading

Mrs. Kochersperger- Reading and Math

Mrs. Moreno- Reading

Mrs. Pickrel- Reading

Mrs. Webber- Reading


Mrs. Berens- Reading

Mrs. Benson- Reading and Math

Mrs. Bevenour- Reading

Mrs. Diaz- Reading

Mrs. Golden- Reading

Mrs. Hua- Reading

Mrs. James- Reading

Mrs. Jennings- Reading

Mrs. Kleine- Reading and Math

Mrs. Larson-Smith- Reading

Ms. Laurin- Math

Mrs. Lovell- Reading and Math

Mr. Orellana- Reading

Mrs. Rogers- Reading

Mrs. Rush- Reading

Mrs. Shinn- Reading

Mr. Wright- Reading


Mrs. Blust’s 2nd Hour- Reading 

Mrs. Blust’s 4th Hour- Math

Mr. Bradburn’s 5th Hour- Science

Mrs. Cain’s 6th Hour- Math

Mrs. Chapin’s 1st Hour- Math

Mrs. Davis’ 4th Hour- Reading

Mrs. Davis’ 5th Hour- Reading

Mrs. Hedden’s 6th Hour- Reading

Mrs. Hedden’s 7th Hour- Reading

Mrs. Hellenga’s 2nd Hour- Reading

Ms. Keith’s 2nd Hour- Reading

Ms. Keith’s 4th Hour- Reading

Mrs. Lester’s 1st Hour-Reading

Mrs. Lester’s 2nd Hour-Reading

Mrs. Lester’s 5th Hour- Reading

Mrs. Maaske’s 2nd Hour- Reading

Mrs. McNally’s 4th Hour- Science

Mrs. Maaske’s 5th Hour- Science

Mrs. Maaske’s 7th Hour- Science

Ms. Peterson- Reading 

Mrs. Rasso 2nd Hour- Reading

Mrs. Rasso’s 6th Hour- Reading


Mr. Carl’s 3rd Hour Class- Math

Mr. Carl’s 4th Hour Class- Math

Mr. Carl’s 7th Hour Class- Math

Mr. Hovind’s 7th Hour Class- Math

Ms. Johnson’s 3rd Hour Class-Math

Ms. Johnson’s 4th Hour Class-Math

Ms. Johnson’s 5th Hour Class-Math

Ms. Johnson’s 6th Hour Class-Math

Ms. McNeil’s 7th Hour Class-Math

Mr. Rattin’s 6th Hour Class- Science

Ms. Stegall’s 3rd Hour Class-Math

Mrs. Vasquez’s 4th Hour Class- Math

Mr. Vysoky’s 2nd Hour Class- Reading


Mr. Bennewitz’s 2nd Hour Class- Reading

Mr. Bennewitz’s 7th Hour Class- Reading

Mr. Chernin’s 3rd Hour Class- Reading

Mrs. Hankes’ 3rd Hour Class- Reading

Mrs. Robinson’s 1st Hour Class-Math

Mrs. Smith’s 7th Hour Class- Math

Mrs. Wolfe’s 5th Hour Class- Math

Mrs. Wolfe’s 6th Hour Class- Math