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Acknowledge. Care. Tell. (A.C.T.) Form 

Are you worried about yourself or a friend?  Are you unsure of what to do? Have you been bullied? The Acknowledge. Care. Tell. (A.C.T.) form is a great place to get help for you or others. Each school website has a link under the "Live Feed" section as well as under the "For Students" menu. Simply click on the link, follow the prompts, and share your concerns. Feel safe in doing so anonymously knowing your concern will be addressed.  Developed in 2018 at Lombard and later Churchill, the form has become a positive outlet for students to help other students. 

This form can be used to report safety concerns for any District #205 student.  If you or a friend feel unsafe or threatened by others, you can use the form to get help.  The link is monitored from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. throughout the district. If you feel like more information is necessary, you can include your own contact info and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.