December/January Newsletter

December/January Newsletter

King Elementary

December 2016/January 2017 Newsletter

Principle: Mrs. Joan Hoschek                                              
Outreach: Mr. Brian Wright & Mrs. Jodie McNally

Drop off Time~ Please remember that students are not to be on the blacktop before 8:25 am.  There is no supervision on the blacktop until this time.  Breakfast is served in the gym from at 8am until 8:30am. 


Weather Conditions ~ The cold weather is here and we would like to remind all parents/guardians to dress their children as warmly as possible prior to leaving for school.  Even though some students have a ride to school, they do spend a considerable amount of time outdoors on the playground, especially during the noon hour. 


Holiday Party/Snack Policy Reminder ~ Due to health concerns, all treats and snacks must be store bought and prepackaged with nutritional information listed.  Treats and snacks must have a label that clearly states all ingredients.  No homemade treats or snacks are allowed for distribution at the school.  We strongly encourage you to select a treat or snack with nutritional value. (Board Policy 7:285) 


Keep Skills Sharp During Winter Break

  • Read for Pleasure – Whether a holiday story or his/her favorite series, winter break is a great opportunity to ditch the textbooks and read for fun!  Encourage relatives to give books as a holiday gift or have a family fun reading night!
  • Write Thank-You Notes - Keep up on your writing & spelling skills by writing “Thank-You” cards/letters to those you received gifts from.  Show your appreciation with a hand written note from you! 
  • Cook Up An Easy Lesson – Invite your child into the kitchen to help you whip up a special dish!  All of those half-tablespoon and quarter-cup measurements are great practice with fractions!
  • Maintain Reasonable Bedtimes – With no school to get up for in the morning, it can be tempting to let kids become night owls.  A few days before school, ease back into the regular bedtime schedule so your child can start the year off bright-eyed.
  • Have A Family Game Night – Gather your family favorites, from board games to a deck of cards, these games will reinforce skills such as counting, reading and drawing.  

Mark Your Calendars ~ Important Dates to Remember

12/6/16 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

12/7/16 – Student Council MTG 3:15-4:00pm

12/8/16 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

12/8/16 & 12/9/16 – Penguin Patch

12/12/16 – School Board MTG 7pm @ Board Office

12/13/16 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

12/15/16 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm      

12/16/16 – Holiday Tea – Wear your Sunday Best!

12/20/16 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

12/21/16 – 1:15pm Dismissal, End of 2nd Quarter

12/22/16 to 1/2/17 – No School ~ Winter Break

1/3/17 – School Resumes, After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

1/5/17 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm, PTO MTG 6pm

1/9/17 – School Board MTG 7pm @ Board Office

1/10/17 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

1/11/17 – 12:00pm Dismissal – SIP Day

1/12/17 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

1/16/17 – No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/17/17 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

1/18/17 – Student Council MTG 3:15-4:00pm

1/19/17 –After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

1/24/17 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm

1/26/17 – After School Tutoring until 4:15pm



Please be sure to call the office at


Before 9:00am if your child will be absent.  We want to know your children are safe with you! 

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