Art News Nov-Dec 2016

Art News Nov-Dec 2016
Posted on 12/22/2016
Art News Nov-Dec 2016

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King Elementary School

November: Native American Art


This November K-5 art students at King Elementary School learned about Native American Art.  Indigenous art teaches us about the customs of a first people while also exploring the creative process and purpose of artmaking.

Projects listed below:

Kindergarten ~

     Bear Skins

     Talking Sticks

     Pictograph Pendants

Kindergarten students incorporated symbols called pictographs to communicate ideas and design in their Native American art projects.  Kindergarten students made talking sticks by rolling and twisting paper to make a wand and then added  yarn for decoration.  This was also a functional art project in that many students held their talking stick to share a story while their classmates listened.

First Grade ~


First grade students learned about Native American homes called teepees.  Students constructed their own teepee using brown bags and yarn.  Pictographs were used to  create a story or design on  their teepee walls.


Second Grade ~

     Medicine Bag

Second grade students designed medicine bags using fiber art media like felt, yarn, beads, buttons, and feathers.  Students developed a simple sewing skill using yarn needles and yarn.  Medicine bags often carried items from nature to promote healing and wellness.  At the conclusion of the project, Second grade students were given a beautiful stone to keep in their completed medicine bag.

Third Grade ~

      Collaborative Totem Pole

Third grade students worked on a collaborative totem pole project.  Oftentimes, totem poles distinguished tribes from one another through the use of subject, materials, and design selected by the tribe.

Way to collaborate ~ Third grade art students!


Fourth Grade ~


Fourth grade students began their rainstick sculpture from the inside out.  Students fashioned a skeleton chain using aluminum foil.  Next, students rolled a tube using posterboard.  Once the tube was completed, students  created a “sleeve design” influenced by Native American symbols and art.  The sleeve design was rolled around the tube, glued, and secured with rubber bands.  Students used felt and glue to cap one end of their tube.   Next students poured rice and popcorn seeds into their tube for an amazing sound effect!  Once the second cap was in place and dried,  student added a cord with beads and feathers to complete their rainstick project.  Way to go ~ 4th grade art students!

Fifth Grade ~

     Dream Catcher

Fifth grade students used a variety of media like wire, cord, beads, and feathers in creating this favorite Native American art project.  Most certainly this project was challenging but students worked hard to web their dreams catchers and many students offered assistance to others.  Native American legend says that the dreamcatcher catches the bad dreams ~ allowing only the good dreams to stay.  Sweet dreams 5th grade art students!

Presently ~  a selection of student Native American art projects are on display in the case next to the art room at King Elementary School.

December: The Art of Winter


Winter inspires many artists.  Whether it is the first snowfall of the season, or building a snowman, winter is full of  memorable experiences.  

Below is a list of K-3rd grade winter art projects:

Kindergarten ~

Constructed Snowman

First Grade ~

First Snow Collage

Second Grade ~

Cardinal Direction Snowman

Third Grade ~

Mixed Media Winterscape

Presently ~  a selection of student Winter art projects are on display on the long bulletin board next to the art room at King Elementary School.

January Highlight:  Sights and Sounds of France

Art students at King Elementary School will be learning about French culture through various activities and art projects through the month of January 2017.  Please stay tuned for more details later!

Yours in Art Education,

Lisa Perry; K - 5 Art

King Elementary School

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